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Welcome to the ATV Safety Institute's Sales Force E-Course

ATVs are fun and practical, whether used for recreation or one’s occupation.  The ATVs your dealership sells are also well-engineered products, and safe when used properly.  However, improper use of ATVs has resulted in the injury or death of thousands of people – including many children – over the past decade.  As the vital link between the manufacturer and the purchaser, you're expected to do your part to ensure the safety of your customers by being well-informed about basic ATV safety principles, rider training, and matching an ATV to the intended rider. 

To that end, one or more of the brands you sell has asked you to complete this online course as part of your employee orientation or ongoing training.  To get started, simply click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT below and complete the enrollment information to gain access to the course.  The course is under one hour long, and you’ll need to pass a quiz at the end in order to be credited with taking the course.

We trust you'll find the course interesting and informative.